There are Dark Forces at work when it comes to Channelings

Alright then this is gonna be my first blog on here. I have been reading things about a whole bunch of ascension stuff, like what will be happening this year and so on. I wanted to let you know about many dark forces at work when it comes to channelings, there are however good forces too. My point here is that we should not depend on a energy from a place or from a being, we have our selves to believe in, this how we know our inner God Many of you know that there are many dark forces lurking spcecially during channelings, and they pretend to be light beings, and pretend to be all good. These beings are very misleading and doing this for their own personal gains, they just pretend to know everything and pretend being good.

However there ways to tell if you being tricked first thing we must do is do our own spiritual work, know the ourselves from within, rather than look for things outside. We have to go through this process ourselves, there isn’t going to be anyone else doing this for us. I like to go by the quote, not go with things literally “After all we are gods, the true knowledge is within us and no one can do that for us. But we do have a distorted reality and duality can run wild. With our journies we have become warrior like, as the experience has been harsh for us. We are suppose to be live in harmony with all beings on this planet. And to resonate with Earth we have to be bit more female like, the energy has to be calm. We have forced ourselves to be warlike and too focused and above all become too fearful.

Let us work on ourselves and be better from within, and be calm and spread the love and light upon earth.