Pleiadians on earth: what do they look like ?

There are many Pleiadians on earth, we keep reading about them on many internet forums and sites, so who are they ? I am intrigued by the starseed popularity on the web which led me to research on the Pleiadians. From what I know pleiadians come from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta and these beings are extra-terrestrials and look very similar to humans. We probably wont’t be able to know from the physical aspects as the pleiadians on earth are incarnations. The information is available from pleiadians on earth and not any scientific information, apparently pleiadians were first contacted and mentioned by a female pleiadian alien named Samjese. Billie Meier’s contact with the pleiadian female caused a bit of a stir, which resulted in a phenomenon to know more about these beings and where they come from.

The were theories about the pleiadians via alien entuasiasts as there was not much information available back then. There are some basic information on what they look like, where they come from and their connection with humans who are accelerating toward a spiritual world, so are the pleiadians here to help us find our spiritual unite blog way through the higher planes of celestial wisdom and grow to be more evolved ? According to many enthusiasts, humans are said to share common physical traits with the pleiadians which is tracked back to the human ancestors from Lyra.

Twin flame recognition phase

When you first meet your twin flame, the stage you will go through will be the twin flame recognition phase. In this stage the connection you will feel will be instant.twin flame recognition The moment the eyes meet, the eyes lock and the connection is mutually acknowledged. However I do feel it does not have to be this way, it is a very romantic idea, I do feel every situation can be different, and twins can recognize each other at different stage of the relationship.

The similarity in this is, the mutual twin flame recognition may take place at some time in the beginning of the communication. It does not take weeks or months of seeing a twin flame, in order to recognize that person. One twin flame might understand it on the first meeting and the other might see it the next, however I feel the recognition will not be always the same for each twin. Whenever the twin flame recognition does occur, it can be sudden, significant and substantial. It can not be twin flame recognition rejected, it can be like lightning from this point forward. The difference with a soulmate, is that, the connection can be noticed in its fullness over time. The twin flame recognition is a quick reaction that happens in the beginning of the communication when it takes place.twin flame recognition If you decide to play games and ignore your twin flame from the beginning, this can cause confusion and slow the procedure. I don’t recommend this strategy if you would like to move forward with your life and so don’t let your ego ruin this meeting.

Sirian starseeds

Those from Sirius make loyal, reliable pals, but anticipate the same in return. They come to be disillusioned and injured when these objectives aren’t fulfilled. Sirians don’t share the inner self this is certainly personal others easily, and may have difficulties sharing feelings and expressing thoughts and needs. Becoming completely accepted and reliable as a detailed buddy that is personal of Sirian means that you’ve been carefully scrutinized. Sirian starseeds could have difficulty in relationships and friendships if they be prepared to be addressed in a certain means, but don’t share the others for their expectations involved. It is important to make use of sharing objectives, beliefs, interacting needs and desires to prevent being harmed and disillusioned. This usually happens as a complete outcome of lack of communication or lack of shared understanding and clarity in relationships.


Those from Sirius tend to be future focused, and do not enjoy targeting the past. They may come to be protective if obligated to focus on the past by other people. It is as a result of known proven fact that previous pain and emotion is held within, rejected and repressed as opposed to becoming handled at the time of occurrence. Because of this there could be large amounts of old emotion looking for being handled and released. Sirians usually do not enjoy confrontations or open expressions of fury but if required into an argument shall protect themselves and their particular values fiercely. This really is specially real if honor of by themselves or loved ones is involved. One of many lessons numerous Sirians have chosen to work alongside in this life time could be the significance of releasing pain that is old flexible self and others, and moving forward.

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There are Dark Forces at work when it comes to Channelings

Alright then this is gonna be my first blog on here. I have been reading things about a whole bunch of ascension stuff, like what will be happening this year and so on. I wanted to let you know about many dark forces at work when it comes to channelings, there are however good forces too. My point here is that we should not depend on a energy from a place or from a being, we have our selves to believe in, this how we know our inner God Many of you know that there are many dark forces lurking spcecially during channelings, and they pretend to be light beings, and pretend to be all good. These beings are very misleading and doing this for their own personal gains, they just pretend to know everything and pretend being good.

However there ways to tell if you being tricked first thing we must do is do our own spiritual work, know the ourselves from within, rather than look for things outside. We have to go through this process ourselves, there isn’t going to be anyone else doing this for us. I like to go by the quote, not go with things literally “After all we are gods, the true knowledge is within us and no one can do that for us. But we do have a distorted reality and duality can run wild. With our journies we have become warrior like, as the experience has been harsh for us. We are suppose to be live in harmony with all beings on this planet. And to resonate with Earth we have to be bit more female like, the energy has to be calm. We have forced ourselves to be warlike and too focused and above all become too fearful.

Let us work on ourselves and be better from within, and be calm and spread the love and light upon earth.