How to know if you are starseed

While I Actually believe that each and every single being upon this planet is a Starseed in one type or another, I Actually think that the ones whom tend to be starting to re-member their Starseed personality at this point in time have a specialized objective in this life time and this particular mission is to guide in the Golden Age of 5th multidimensional living which has been foretold in many different prophecies.

Starseed chracteristics
Starseed chracteristics, starseed on earth

Kindly understand that I Actually do not consider myself or the awakened Starseeds as part of ‘the elite’ in any way. We are all proceeding toward the same summit, and those of us whom have been traveling for much longer are ready to serve as Wayshowers and Lightworkers.

fifth dimensional awareness indicates that you become completely mindful of your self as being One with all of creation. This oneness consciousness is existing in each sentient beings however humans were put on earth in condition of amnesia, which means that the consciousness of of oneness with all of creation is dormant in most humans… Until we wake up.


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